【IELTS スピーキング 特別編】 IELTSスピーチサンプルとスクリプト その4


IELTS スピーキング のスピーチサンプルを用意しました。


22. Describe a movie that made you sad

You should say:

  • What’s the name of the film
  • When did you watch it
  • Why did it make you sad


【IELTS スピーチ スクリプト】

(1) Honestly speaking, I am not an avid fan of a weepy but out of curiosity I happened to watch a  tearjerker last night.
(2) That film was titled, Miracle in Cell no.7. It was a heart-warming and heart wrenching  Korean movie highly  recommended by my onion-skinned friends via  Facebook.

(3) The story is all about a mentally handicapped single father who is wrongly accused, tried and sentenced to death for the rape-murder of an elementary school student .
(4) The miracle of the movie is in the series of meetings the man has with his daughter while in prison until the months that lead up to his execution, and the friendship she forges with his fellow inmates. Years later, the girl grows into a woman set on exonerating her dad with their help.

(5) There was something in that movie that let my emotion loose and it gave me goosebumps.
(6) The  fact  that it depicts a nasty reality wherein  Justice is not served  to some innocent individuals because of the miscarriage in handling their  cases made it perplexing and logically defying sob story.
(7) In addition,  the  melodramatic , tragic  aspect of the movie was packed with an engaging performance of the actors and actresses that  had me crying my heart out until the end.


(8) I suppose it’s a mark of a good film if it causes us to reveal our emotions. A really sad story, if well acted and directed can really make us blub – just like The Miracle in Cell no.7.

下線部:文章の構成やつながりを表す Cohesive words


構造を明確に示すCohesive wordsは使われていないが


※王道のスピーチ構成や分かりやすいCohesive Devices(つなぎ言葉)はないが語彙力、スピーチの長さ共に問題はないスピーチ


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