【IELTS スピーキング 特別編】 IELTSスピーチサンプルとスクリプト その2


IELTS スピーキング のスピーチサンプルを用意しました。


Describe a subject you enjoyed studying at school.

You should say:

  • When and where you started studying it
  • What lessons were like
  • What made the subject different from other subjects
  • And explain why you enjoyed the subject


【IELTS スピーチ スクリプト】

(1) I started schooling at the age of 5 and since then my student life had been really gratifying for I was able to, not only befriend some of the most amazing people but I also was able to, grasp quite a few very interesting learning.
(2) English was, or basically still is, the most splendid subject I’ve ever studied.

(3) To start, I love how all my English classes went. My high school English teacher, especially, was very lively and used diverse methods to make the class more catchy.  
(4) She would ask us to give impromptu speeches, present theatrical drama, sing songs, and sometimes we pretended to be news reporters.
(5) Every one of those activities really geared me up and furthered my interest in the subject.

(6) In addition, English as a subject, as literature, and as a means to communicate is rather unique.
(7) Speaking the English language is sort of an art. Mastering grammar, idiomatic expressions, its very interesting pronunciation, and its tone all add up to its psychedelic impute.
(8) And English literature? Some are thought provoking while others are tragic but beautiful – take for instance Dan Brown and Shakespeare’s write, to mention a few.

(9) Not many people would say English is an ‘easy-peasy’ subject, but its kaleidoscopic attribute adds up to its one-of-a-kind mystique that never ceases to enchant me.


下線部:文章の構成やつながりを表す Cohesive words



(6) 作法どおり要点からは例①に同じ。英語が好きな理由は、科目としてばかりではなく、コミュニケーションの手段としても魅力的であることを触れなぜこの科目が楽しく学べたのか別例を提示

ここでは、再度結論(never ceases to enchant me)に触れてスピーチを締めくくっている。これも英語スピーチの基本作法の1つ
イントロのSplendid Subject(すばらしい科目)をnever ceases to enchant me(私を魅惑してはなさない)と言い換えていてパラフレーズを上手く使い語彙力をアピールしている

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