【IELTS スピーキング 特別編】 IELTSスピーチサンプルとスクリプト その3

IELTS スピーキング のスピーチサンプルを用意しました。


4. Describe a job that you consider to be the most challenging

You should say:

  • How you got the job
  • What the job involved
  • How long the job lasted
  • Describe how well you did the job


【IELTS スピーチ スクリプト】

(1) Every job has its own striking characteristics that deviates it from the rest of the lot, hence, every one of them is challenging in its own rummy way.
(2) I consider nursing to be the most challenging work I’ve ever done, after acquiring my bachelors degree, for this is quite so a holistically demanding job.

(3) Foremost, nursing requires concrete knowledge about, not just, the abnormalities of the human body but as well as the homeostatic balance of a normally functioning organs and body systems.
(4) Furthermore, nurses deal with human beings in several healthcare spectrum – from simple things like taking their vital signs to more complex responsibility as assisting in surgeries, therefore every patient care rendered must be precise and timed accurately.

(5) On another note, being a nurse is physically exhausting. When the need arise, a 16-hour shift is to be expected. On top of that, without being rude, some patients are quite heavy. Nurses assist them in their daily activities, thus, nurses have to be physically strong as well. Never mind that emotional burden nurses carry whenever a patient suddenly cashes in one’s chips!

(6) Being a nurse is sometimes emotionally traumatic and all the time physically exhausting, yet, every shift is fulfilling knowing that you’re able to make a difference in someone’s life.

下線部:文章の構成やつながりを表す Cohesive words



(3) & (4) でなぜチャレンジングなのか説明
(5)は(3) & (4)での詳細説明が短めであったため3つめの理由を追加したと考えられる
また、cashes in one’s chips!では慣用表現を上手くつかい語彙力をアピール

ここでは、再度結論(Being a nurse is sometimes emotionally traumatic and all the time physically exhausting)に触れてスピーチを締めくくっている。


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