Nana講師 IELTS 7.5取得


Value English大人気講師のNana!今回の英検対策講座でも彼女のコマはかなり早い段階で埋まってしまい、キャンセル待ちが出たくらいの人気ぶりなんです。その彼女が先日IELTSを受験し、スコア7.5を取得しました!!英検1級相当が7.0なので、これでValue Englishが英検1級を教えるのにふさわしい学校であることを証明できました。彼女は「I could have done better! zannen!」と、まだまだこの結果に満足していないようですが^^;9か月後には8.0を取得すると、意気込んでいます!!

実は彼女は、大手のR社などいくつかのオンライン英会話で指導経験があります。Value Englishの一員になってまだ1年ちょっとですが、本当は指導歴の長い、ベテラン中のベテランなんです!英語の力だけでなく指導力も確かなもので、彼女の授業はお客様に大変ご好評いただいております。もう彼女なしのValue Englishは考えられないくらい、Value Englishにとって重要な存在になっています。

ある日、彼女がいつものように明るく「Hello!」と始めた無料体験の授業。そこにはなんと、以前別のオンライン英会話で教えていた生徒様のお顔が!偶然の再会だったのです(*^^*)そのお客様はどうしてもNanaの授業を取りたくて、無料体験後すぐにValue Englishのコース登録をして下さいました。


1.When do you feel a sense of achievement in this job?

I am in seventh heaven every time I see my students happily communicating in English with confidence from ground zero. Not only that,receiving news about reaching their dreams of passing an English proficiency tests and entering prestigious universities abroad gives me great satisfaction.

2.I know you have lived in Japan before, what is your favorite thing about Japan?

Oh! I love everything about Japan! So , now that I am back in my country I always watch the NHK World live to keep myself updated of what’s happening in Japan.
Actually, what I really love while living in Japan, was going to Onsen. This is what I always miss about Japan!


3.We’d appreciate your advice to develop skills in English.

Although there’s no shortcut to mastering a new language, you can make your journey to it smooth-sailing. Here are 4 tips that helped not only my students, but also me in achieving our goal of being able to use the language with confidence.

1.Set a goal. It is very important to know why you are studying English and what you want to achieve. This will serve as your guide.

2.Now, that you have set your goal, you should make learning a hobby not a chore. Developing English skills entails a lot of time, much memorizing, and lots of practicing. So, if you look at it as a chore, it is going to be exhausting! If it becomes your hobby, you are going to enjoy it that you won’t let your day pass without English.

3.Now, that you have set learning English as a hobby, start off by memorizing words, and expressions according to your goal. What I mean is that, you don’t have to memorize special academic vocabularies when your purpose is just to be able to communicate with friends in everyday settings. If you want to pass certain speaking test, I recommend learning expressions that can help you through it.

4.Don’t there! You need to put what you learned into practice or else it will just be rusted.

Practice, practice, and practice. And while practicing with a friend or a teacher, take note of the expressions that they use and try to use them on your own. It is in practicing that you continue learning. Before long, you will realize you are already an expert! Keep loving English! ^ ^.