Write an essay on the given TOPIC.
・Give THREE reasons to support your answer.
・Structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion
・Suggested length: 200-240 words

TOPIC: Should developed nations encourage immigration from other countries?

Immigration does not come without risks. However, I think developed nations should promote it for the following three reasons.

First of all, accepting immigrants, especially due to escaping from danger or anything that makes them uncomfortable, is a great humanitarian act. Developed countries have a lot of things in life that they can share. Thus, the governments of rich nations should advocate this.

Second, immigration can help the graying population in developed countries. Nowadays, it is a fact that most of the developed country’s population is decreasing due to the plummeting birth rate. So, they should welcome people from other countries or else the country will suffer from extreme depopulation, which may cause economic downfall.

Last but not least, advocating immigration can lead to innovation. This is because most of the immigrants who are from developing nations are quite talented, highly skillful, and passionate. Their knowledge and skills can play an important role inventing or innovating. With proper support from the receiving countries, these immigrants can be of great contribution.

Therefore, I hope that developed countries will encourage immigration from other countries. This will not only save lives, but will also solve the local problem on depopulation and lack of innovation. (201 words)