Now, let me take you to Malaysia, truly Asia. That is how they package themselves to tourist. Singapore to Malaysia by bus is a 6 hour trip. You need to bring food and water with you but there will be bus stops along the way. Good thing the bus seats are so comfortable that it seems you are laying down already. Though it’s my second time as well in this country it still has a lot to offer that I haven’t seen in my first visit.

Let’s take a peek to Malaysia’s finest PETRONAS Towers. It is also known as PETRONAS Twin towers, they are twin skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur. Just a trivia, did you know that during the construction of the PETRONAS Towers it took three days and two attempts to lift the skybridge to its present location. It would be best as well to take your photo at night time when the lights are on. This is an open space and would be so hot during the day.

Me and my family at our best smiles.

Another iconic landmark that you can visit is Batu Caves. Batu caves is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples in Selangor, Malaysia. It takes its name from the Sungai Batu, which flows past the hill. It is said that the limestones are around 400 million years old. In addition to this, you’ll also enjoy the company of the monkeys which are roaming around freely. They will greet you anywhere and would try to ask for food which was a good experience as well. In addition you can also do feeding experience with the doves and feels like you’re in Italy. You’ll have the chance to get inside the caves if you’re willing to climb up that stairs which is 272 steps and I did. You will be amazed by the creatures and condition inside the cave.

Me and my parents

Now, let’s go to Thailand—– Amazing Thailand. Malaysia to Thailand was 8 hours bus ride. There were a lot of misfortunes and downsides before reaching this destination. However, it was worth it. Let me give you an idea about Hatyai, Thailand. This a city in Thailand’s far south near the Malaysian border. It is sprawling with commercial hub and a shopping destination. Aside from that is has a lot to offer.

Elephant riding was so far the best I have experience in Thailand. The elephant would walk you for around 30 minutes. It will pass by some trees and very hot landscapes until it will walk itself on the river which for me was the highlight. I was laughing and smiling all throughout the walk.

Elephant riding in Hatyai, Thailand.

Though the place we visited in Thailand was not the best site for their beaches however, I couldn’t deny that I also fall in love with their pristine Songkla beach. The sand was very fine and its milky white. We ate at a restaurant facing the beach with very cool air from the sea breeze which makes me wants to sleep after eating. You can also ride a horse if you want to explore more of its shoreline.

Thailand is also known of their temples. Anywhere you go you can see big and little temples anywhere and everywhere. This temple is so far that left an impression on me since this is the first one I’ve visited. Though there is no official state religion in Thailand but most people practice Buddhism and Hinduism.

Another thing not to miss is Klong Hae floating Market. Thai’s are dressed in their traditional customs while cooking and serving food. You will enjoy different Thai food and for the record it is extremely cheap. You also need to be ready for on this very same place just few minutes’ walk is their souvenir place where you can forget you’re on budget since everything is all nice and cheap. Thailand is truly a shopping destination too. Even if it’s cheap you can still bargain on the price.

Klong Hae Floating Market