Touring 3 countries in ten days? This is quite hard especially if you do it by land trip. Was it hard? Yes it was but definitely an experience I would always keep.

This trip was with my family. It was a roller coaster experience, but looking back right now it is very unforgettable. On September 25, 9pm we landed at Singapore Changi Airport. This is already my third visit to Singapore so I am no longer very eager. However, seeing the eyes of my sister and his husband which were first timers made me happy.

Finally, after 4 hours of plane ride here we come. Welcome to Singapore!!! Singapore is rated as one of the best airports in the world. Air travellers will be able to experience it all for shopping, dining and entertainment. You got it all here. Their airport has its own movie theatres to keep you entertained, free internet access. You could also relax and stroll in their Butterfly Garden or pamper yourself with a massage.

The next day we were early birds. We started our day right away and off we went to the “remarkable GLOBE”. Universal Studios Singapore. We enjoyed all the rides. I never missed any of them. Though the queue is so long but it was all worth it. The breath-taking rides they call “Galactica” is a must try. You would feel your body and soul will separate and you won’t even know if you’ll come out alive. This is not for the faint hearted. Truly, it brought back the kid inside in me. Universal Studious has a lot to offer and best to experience it yourself.

Universal Studios Singapore

Of course the well-known Marina Bay Sands. Where I would recommend to visit during night time so you’ll be able to enjoy the lights of the building and just chill out with other tourist and local. Your eyes will be full with the magnificent buildings and infrastructures. They also have light shows at 9 pm that you shouldn’t miss and it is for free.

Lastly, To most Filipinos this is one of the living proof that you’ve been to Singapore if you have a picture in this iconic place. The Lion Head. Singapore is known as the Lion City, this captures Singapore’s reputation. It symbolises courage, strength and excellence, as well as resilience in the face of challenges.

A post with my brother.