Alvie講師 夏季休暇でフィリピンに帰る2~World Heritage City


夏季休暇で日本からフィリピンに帰ったAlvie講師による レポートその2です。

After spending roughly two and a half hours in Santa Maria, I took a van to the only World Heritage City in the Philippines. The Historic Town of Vigan was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Sites and Monuments in 1999.



It represents a unique fusion of old Asian and Spanish architecture. The place is intact and well preserved. Calle Crisologo, a street known for its ancestral houses and cobblestone path, is a great spot for strolling and shopping for antiques and souvenir items. The lamp-lit street at night or early morning surely gives off an 18th century ambience. This place enthralled me that I even woke up early and visited the place again despite the pouring rain. Furthermore, the government prohibits motorized vehicles from entering this street, only horse-drawn carriages locally called kalesa are allowed. Riding a kalesa is truly an experience but if you feel pity for the horses, then better take a trike in visiting the town’s famous places.