Alvie講師 夏季休暇でフィリピンに帰る1~Santa Maria Church



The Philippines is an archipelagic country and is a home not only to beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue waters but also to diverse language, rich culture and history. There may not be a lot of places to visit showcasing the country’s past and heritage, nonetheless we have some renowned spots where one can see and experience a still existing centuries-old legacies.



After a 7-hour night bus ride from Manila, I finally got to my first destination – The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption commonly known as Santa Maria Church in Ilocos Sur. Santa Maria Church, a church on a hill surrounded by a defensive wall, is a part of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines which is a collection of four Spanish-era churches. Even though I knew nothing about layouts and architectures, seeing this old brick church and its massive buttresses fascinated me to no end. I leisurely took my time checking every nook and cranny of the place. I even attended the mass but it was in Ilocano, a language totally foreign to me.