Too Much Tourism


Some cities particularly in Europe is facing an issue, overtourism. This measns too many tourists are visiting at once.

Low-cost airline tickets are helping to fuel the growth of tourism in numbers, along with increasing travel from China. It is true that many places depend on tourism for jobs and wealth. Around 10 percent of the world’s gross domestic product, or GDP, comes from tourism. Growth is not “the enemy.” But tourism must be made “sustainable and responsible” to help local communities.

Some countries and even cities are doing something to limit tourism. For instance, Venice in Italy is planning to bar some large passenger ships. Barcelona in Spain has placed restrictions on apartment rentals. Ecuador permits only 100,000 visitors to the Galapagos Islands each year. The Croatian city of Dubrovnik is considering permitting only 4,000 visitors daily. Other cities are urging tourists to visit less famous parts of town.

Many people are finding ways to solve the issue. Changing opening hours or increasing parking space is one of the sulution.


トピックはこちら:Agree or disagree:Some countries and cities limit tourism.

I do not agree that some countries and cities limit tourism. Here are the two reasons to support my ideas.

First, in a country, around 10 percent of GDP comes from tourism they deifinitely need to promote it instead. Tourists spend a lot of money during the trip. For instance, they have to pay for the entrance fee of the sightseeing places that they intend to visit and their hotel expenses as well. Moreover, it is their interest to bring some souvenirs for themselves, family and friends.

Secondly, tourism creates employment. A research said that there are 123,900 people engaged in tourism directly in Japan last year. While indirect employment, reached 478,2500 in number. Tourism relates with various industries and companies like travel agencies, railways, aerial companies and the leisure industries.

Therefore, I do not agree that some countries and cities limit tourism.

today’s pick up : crack

本文最後から4段落目に「Barcelona has cracked down on unofficial housing rentals」という文が出てきました。
今日はこの「crack」をpick upしてみようと思います!

crack down onは「厳しく取り締まる」というイディオムですが、元々crackは「ひびが入る」「(急激な音を立てて)砕ける、裂ける、割ける」という意味です。「crack a nut」や「crack an egg into a bowl」の表現でこの単語を覚えている方が多いと思います。実は他にもいろいろな意味があるのを、ご存知ですか?

Her voice cracked with grief.(悲しみのあまり彼女の声はかすれた。)

I’m cracking up.(ダウンしそうだ。)


crack into:(コンピュータ・ネットワークなど)に不正に侵入する

crack on:(~を)ささっとやる、(時間が)ああっという間に過ぎる

crack open:パンと音を立てて開く、割れる

crack up:(飛行機などが~にぶつかって)大破する【againistやonなどが続く】

get cracking:(仕事などに)さっさと取り掛かる、急ぐ
ex. Let’s get cracking at 8.(8時から始めよう。)

fall between the cracks:予定からもれる、無視される

S is not all that S is cracked up to be.(Sは評判ほどではない。)
ex. The movie was not all that it’s cracked up to be.(そのは映画は評判ほどではなかった。)