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Brazil Faces Problems Attracting Tourists



Brazil has many natural and cultural treasures like the largest rainforest on Earth, sandy beaches and beautiful flat-topped mountains that are popular among foreign visitors. Also the country has many towns built by the Portuguese during colonial times. We can even enjoy the dance and music of samba there.

However,Brazil is now currently experiencing some domestic problems mentioned below
・the cost of air travel
・a visa process
・many years of isolation
・the high import tax(The taxes reduce the quality of goods and services available.)
・the highest murder rates
・the disease Zika which is carried by mosquitos and has been linked to birth defects

There are a lot of issues Brazil faces but tourists love the people, who are known for being carefree and welcoming.


I understand that Brazil has a lot of issues and there were only 6.6 million foreigners visited Brazil last year. Today I’ll tell you two important things for travelers.

Firstly, safety is the most important, I think. I suppose that having the highest murder rates make Brazil unpopular to foreign visitors. This isn’t a personal issue so only the nation can solve this. Few of the best ways to solve the issues is to enrich the social security or narrow the gap between rich and poor people.

Secondly, public hygiene is also important. If there is a high risk of contagious or infectious disease, travelers would rather choose another country to visit. When I had a trip in India and took a train, there were some toilets available inside the premise. But it was just like a hole! It flowed directly to the railway. It’s the most unbelievable experience for me. And that experience put so much awareness in me about the importance of hygiene.

These two points, safety and good public hygiene ignite travelers to visit Japan more often. The number of foreign visitors in Japan is increasing. Last month, there were 2,682,000 people visited Japan. This is recorded as the highest number so far. I hope more and more people visit the historical and natural sightseeing places in Japan and learn Japanese culture.

today’s pick up : make

記事の10段落目に出てくるmake!(high import taxes make the country costly for travelers to visit.)




The news made them happy.(知らせを聞いて彼らは喜んだ。)
What makes you so angry?(腹を立てているようですが、何があったのですか?)



★paint:~に塗る(ex. Mick painted it black.)



I thought Egypt very exotic.
I found the trip to Aomori interesting.