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TEAP(2020年導入予定の試験も同じと思われる)はCEFRでB2(英検準1級), B1(2級), A2(準2級)くらいを大きく振り分けています。

1つ目の質問は現在、 what do you like to do~
2つ目の質問は過去、 which event did you enjoy~
3つ目の質問は未来、 what kind of job would you like to have ~


Part3は、30秒考えて、1分で話すというものです。IELTSや英検1級は1分考えて、2分話すというスタイルです。時間を除き共通の試験です。サンプルスピーチは106WPM(Word Per Minutes, 1分間で話す語数)の速度で話されています。実際の試験でB2(英検準1級相当)を取ろうと思うと、これくらいのスピードで発話することが必要です。



TEAPスピーキングテストスクリプト (Script for TEAP Speaking Test Video)


テスト開始 (Starter)

Examiner: Come in please good afternoon
Examinee: Good afternoon
Examiner: Please have a seat
Examinee: Thank you
Examiner: May I have your examinee form please
Examinee: Yes here you are
Examiner: Thank you, my name is allan can i ask your name please
Examinee: My name is Nami Kato
Examiner: Nice to meet you nami
Examinee: Nice to meet you too
Examiner: Just a moment please

Part 1 インタビュー(Interview) Time: 0:44

Examiner: Okay let's begin, first i'd like to learn a little bit about you, what do you like to do in your free time?
Examinee: I like reading books
Examiner: Can you tell me more about that
Examinee: I like reading fiction stories

Examiner: I see, I'm sure there were many events at your high school which event did you enjoy the most?
Examinee: I enjoyed the school festival
Examiner: Why did you enjoy the school festival?
Examinee: ah because I could see my friends shows

Examiner: I see what kind of job would you like to have in the future?
Examinee: ah.. I want to be a flight attendant
Examiner: I see why.. why would you like to be a flight attendant
Examinee: Because I can travel all over the world.

Part 2 (Role Play) Time: 1:37
Examiner: Let’s go on to part 2.
Examiner: Now, I’d like you to interview me. Here are the instructions. For a class report, you are going to interview a high school teacher, and I’m a highschool teacher, OK?
Examinee: Yes, Ok.
Examiner: You should ask me questions about the topics on this card. You have 30 seconds to read the card and think about what to say. Here is the card.

Examinee: Thank you.

After 30 seconds…

Examiner: Okay. Please begin the interview.
Examinee: Hello! May I ask you some questions?
Examiner: Yes, please.
Examinee: Which grade do you teach?
Examiner: This year, I'm teaching first year students.
Examinee: First year…
Examiner: Yes.
Examinee: Thank you. What subject do you teach?
Examiner: I teach English writing.
Examinee: English writing…
Examiner: Yes.
Examinee: Do you have any problems in your class?
Examiner: Yes. Students get sleepy in the afternoons.
Examinee: I see. Do you have any advice for future High School teachers?
Examiner: Yes. teachers should be patient with their students, but also with themselves.
Examinee: Thank you. Why did you become a teacher?
Examiner: Well, I enjoy talking with young people, and hearing their opinions.
Examinee: Thank you very much.
Examiner: Thank you. Can I have the card back, please?
Examinee: Yes, here you are.
Examiner: Thank you.

Part 3(Monologue) Time: 3:07
Examiner: Now I’d like you to talk for about 1 minute about the topic on this card. You have 30 seconds to read the card and think about what to say. Here is the card.

(Topic Card: )

Examinee: Thank you.
Examiner: Please begin preparing now.

After 30 seconds

Examiner: Ok. Please begin speaking.

Examinee: (3:37-4:11 / 34sec)

I agree with the statement, it is good to teach English in Japanese elementary schools.

Many children like to sing a song or read a book at school.
So, if there are English lessons in elementary schools, they can learn English enjoying English books or English songs.

So, I think it is good to teach English in Japanese elementary schools.

(106 WPM)

Examiner: I see. Are you finished?
Examinee: Yes
Examiner: Okay, Can i have the card back please.

Part 4(Extended Interview) Time: 4:25
Examiner: Now I’d like to ask you some questions about different topics. First, let’s talk about the internet.
Should parents limit children's use of the internet?
Examinee:Yes, I think so.
Examiner:Why do you think so?
Examinee: Because there are many dangerous news or horrible news so it is dangerous for children to know everything so I think parents should limit the use of internet.

Examiner: I see. Are there any advantages to studying online rather than in the classroom?
Examinee: I think so. Because if I study online, I can concentrate on studying because there are no friends to talk so I think it is better to use online rather than studying in classroom.

Examinee:I see, okay. Now Let’s talk about the media. Do you think reading newspapers is better than watching the news on TV?
Examinee: I don’t think so. If I watch news on TV, I can do something else, so it is convenient for me to watch news on TV rather than newspaper.

Examiner: I see. Do you think social media such as facebook and twitter are changing people the way they interact?
Examinee: Yes, I think so. When I use facebook to communicate with my friends , we don’t have to meet each other, so I guess it changes the way we communicate with my friends.

Examiner:I see. Thank you. This is the end of the test. You may go now. Here is your examinee form. Thank you . Have a good time.

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