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"It is better to teach Japanese history than world history in Japanese high schools"
Do you agree with the statement?
Why or why not?

回答例 / SAMPLE Answer

I disagree on the statement. I think it is better to teach world history rather than Japanese history in high school. I have several reasons why I think so.

Firstly, we are now developing in a fast pace and connecting to people of different cultures is necessary even at young age. So, learning world history allows high school students to understand different people’s background.

Secondly, high school students are already eager to debate current events but sometimes lack evidence for their arguments due to insufficient knowledge of the world events. World history can help them get information concerning other countries not only Japan. This can help them a lot.

In conclusion, world history supports common understanding and dialogue. It also makes young learners become better thinkers, too.That is why it is necessary to teach them in high school. (139 words)

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