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"Japan should promote more nuclear energy than heat power plants"
Do you agree with the statement? Why or why not?

回答例 / SAMPLE Answer

Even though there had been concerns about the ability of Japan’s nuclear power plants to withstand earthquake activity, I agree with the statement that Japan should promote more of them.

Firstly, nuclear energy is sustainable because it does not rely on natural resources. It uses less amount of fossil oil so it has less gas emission too. Because of this, Japan’s industrialization growth and environmental protection are supported.

Secondly, Geothermal power plant potential sites are located in government-protected areas and in tourist destinations. Building the power plants based on renewable energy in these areas may have a negative impact on the scenery and may cause damage to the tourism industry and the local economy.

Overall, as long as Nuclear power plants procedures are well executed , fewer accidents may occur. This makes nuclear power plants the most reliable power supply in Japan.(140 words)

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