Hello everyone! I am ZHERRIMAE CASTAÑEDA, an Accountancy degree holder from one of the reputable schools here in Manila. I was just a city scholar then. Recently, I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers for Secondary Level. I’ve been a teacher for more than a year now and my English was molded by more than a decade of experience in training and mentoring English Proficiency with the BPO/Call Center Industry. I am trained to teach Primary graders to Senior high school students and I am skilled in teaching Business English since I’ve been dealing with the top management of a leading telecommunications company in the US.

Learning English is indeed not that easy and that’s the reason why I am here! To be your partner towards continuous learning, until you become confident with the language. There are lots of fun and exciting ways for you to be very good and familiar in English and without you noticing, you’re already used to it!!

I love teaching because it gives me pride, joy and sense of fulfillment whenever my students learn from me. Teaching for me is a way of life. Being a teacher is a very challenging job because every student becomes a part of me and that motivates me even more!! I want them to succeed and reach their goals and I want to be a part of it!

This is teacher Mei and see you in my class!!