1st TOPIC:EBOLA virus

EBOLA causes
1. weakness
2. fever
4.unexplained bleeding

1. DRC is one of the poorest countries in the world
2. Struggles with corruption
3. It’s politically unstable and there’s an on and off conflict overtime

Q1. The article said that this new outbreak is the worst so far in the history of DRC, and in the past, they’ve already seen/experience this 10 outbreaks since 1976. What do you think the medical community of DRC should do more?

●Iwata’s ANS: At first, this country doesn’t have clean surroundings that’s why Ebola spread.

●Mei’s advice
They need to be more vigilant of the disease because they’ve seen it before and they’re not new to it. They have to focus on experimental vaccine and treatments that shown promise in fighting the disease. Doctors have been able to help in slowing or possibly stop the spreading of outbreak.

Q2. Will infectious diseases become a greater threat to humanity in the future?

Iwata’s ANS: I don’t think so becaus scientist will proceed with study more and more. And there’ll be more clear country. So I don’t hope this disease.

2nd TOPIC:the United States says goodbye to it`s 41st leader,George H. W. Bush

Q1. 43rd Pres. Bush said in his video clip that the 41st is the best father they ever had,considering that the late Pres. Bush spearheaded the fight against drugs in the US during his term, my question is, can individuals efforts change society for the better?

Iwata’s Ans: Yes, he made good effort to the US.

Q2. In the same videoclip, the son said that his father, doesn’t like brocolli, What do you think about the trend: extreme vegetarianism?

Iwata’s Answer: It’s good for our helth but I love meat for dinner!

next TOPIC: Wastewater will find its way back into one of their wells

Q1. What can you say about treating water before releasing it back to the environment?

Iwata’s answer: It’s really good because there are no waste. If we can use carbon in water, we save the earth.

Q2. Now, what are your thoughts about this process being the future of water?

Iwata’s ANS: We don’t have enough facilities to treat the water but I think more company will join this field because many people is interested in the environmental problem.

Q3. Is transferring technology to developing nations the key to economic development?

Iwata’s ANS: I think this technology wil help develop economy in poor countries.