バリューイングリッシュに新講師が加入しました!とても優しい雰囲気で授業をしてくれるCherry講師。TESOLを取得していて、オンラインでの英語指導歴も2年あります。(TESOLとはTeaching English to Speakers of Other Languagesの略で、英語が母国語ではない人々向けの英語教授法に関する資格。世界中で英語を教えるのに有効な国際資格のひとつです。)二児の母であり、子どもを学校に送り出して授業をします!


Blessed day! I am Cherrylyn Morales. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurship from one of the reputable universities in the Philippines. I have been teaching English as second language to Asian learners since 2015.  I have completed 120 hours certificate in TEFL/ TESOL with a grade of A2. I am trained to teach BK-12, Business English, IELTS, TOEFL and many more.

Being a teacher, I am equipped with strategies in teaching English as well as coping with different learning styles. Through the years of teaching, I could say that there is no single best method in teaching. However, this I could assure that constant PRACTICE in speaking the language really makes one a good conversationalist.

I love teaching because it gives me a sense of fulfillment every time my students learn from me. Teaching is so much fun. It is a brilliant way of sharing others what you have learned and what you already know. We can definitely learn from teaching. In fact, teaching is learning. There is always a wonderful feeling of fulfillment when a student learned from you. I think one of the greatest joy is to feel the gratitude of the people to whom you have offered your help or support.

Once again, this is Cherry and welcome aboard.