オンラインでの指導は久しぶりとのことですが、復帰前はセブの語学学校で日本人をはじめアジア圏からの生徒を中心に英語を教えていました。英語指導歴は通算して8年以上。真面目な性格で人当たりがよく、話し始めるといつの間にか時間が経ってしまいます。研修では自分から質問したり模擬授業を率先して行ったりし、担当したNana講師も評価する期待の講師です。 プライベートではバンドを組んでいて、ラジオにも出演したことがあるそうです!




月~木: 15:00~23:00
金:    9:00~13:00




My name is Amy Karen S. Ramos. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English and also a holder of Diploma in Professional Education which I obtained in one of the notable universities in Cebu City. I have been in the ESL industry for almost 8 years and have taught various fields in English including IELTS. At present, I am working on my completion to be a fully TESOL certified.

The usage of English as a second language is an essential tool for communication whether in academics or corporate. I believe that learning English with further practice becomes an advantage skill each person could have. I for one even consider it as a valuable possession which could never be taken away and I would be very much glad to impart my knowledge to the learners.

My goal for my students is to help them handle different situations in the real world independently as learning progresses. To make this realized, I encourage you to practice in order to boost self-confidence through the use of the language. Of course, under the guidance of your teacher and you can find it here, in Value English! Looking forward to a fun learning experience with you!